Surprise with his first gameplay.

Wild Hearts surprises with its monstrous gameplay and shows more mechanics

Relatively recently, Wild Hearts, a video game that would come to us from Koei Tecmo and Electronic Arts, and that would basically be a video game in the style of Monster Hunter. This would come to us from the hand of Omega Force, known mainly for developing the video games of the Dynasty Warriors franchise, one of the most important “musous” franchises. At that time we could only see an art, and we knew practically no details about the video game, beyond the fact that it would resemble the aforementioned saga in terms of its gameplay.

Now we have been able to see the game in action, since the official YouTube account of the video game we have been able to spot a Wild Hearts gameplayAnd yes, it is indeed very reminiscent of the Monster Hunter franchise.

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Show your first gameplay

Specifically, the revealed gameplay it’s basically 7 minutes of totally uninterrupted gameplayin which we have been able to get an idea of ​​what the gameplay of this video game is like.

It may seem silly, but these 7 minutes They have allowed us to know many details about the next adventure of Omega Force. Specifically, we have been able to make sure of its sources of inspiration, which we already knew, but it is in its gameplay where it becomes more evident. In addition, we have been able to know that it will be a third-person adventure (something that we could assume given its inspiration).

In addition to these details about the gameplay, in this trailer we have been able to see what a confrontation against one of the many enemies that we will find in Wild Hearts would be like. Again, these are very reminiscent of the Capcom franchise, but it seems that it will not stop there, introducing a structure building factor that can be quite interestingand of which we have already been able to see something in the trailer.

Wild Hearts has prepared its launch for next February 17, 2023, arriving exclusively for new generation consoles (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S) and PC. Considering this release date is so close, we can expect to see more of it in the coming months.

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