Xbox update: redesign and optimization of the "My games and applications" section |  Xbox One

Updates introduced regularly by Xbox greatly improve the experience of gamers within this vast ecosystem, whether on Xbox consoles or PC. Exactly, you may have noticed (or not), but the latest September update offers a redesign of the “My games and applications” section.

A new, more comprehensive view of new filters in your games and apps

Eden Marie, the head of engineering at Xbox wanted to highlight the improvements made by the Xbox teams in the latest update and in particular those concerning the “My games and applications” section. This essential part for all Xbox players was sometimes subject to criticism in relation to the amount of information, games and applications found there without having an ergonomic use of it.

In the latest update, the teams at Xbox have changed the game by finally providing a complete view of the default library as well as where games come from, whether they are from games you bought, games obtained through the Xbox Live Gold or via the Xbox Game Pass. Access to your applications, your subscriptions and your personal lists is always there.

With this update, the “My games and applications” section is undoubtedly at its best in terms of ergonomics and daily use. It’s always nice to see that the Xbox teams listen to player feedback and we hope that the subject of disabling the Quick Resume will receive the same treatment.

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