Overclocking en live chez Intel

It was during the finals of the Intel Creator Challenge that we saw the appearance the overclocker Splave alias Allen Golibersuch as well as Louis Draghi, an engineer in charge of the game overclocking at Intel. What was our surprise to discover an ASRock Aqua OC Z690 motherboard combined with a 13th generation Intel processor, the i9-13900K, all under LN2. We were thus able to discover during this live from Intel under LN2, the i9-13900K reach the frequency of 8.2 GHz. The XOC part starts at 1h47’34” in the video below.

The rest of the configuration was also composed of a GSKill kit clocked at 6400 MT/s CL32 of origin but which seems to be able to take the 8000 MT/s in view of the profile saved in the BIOS of the ASRock motherboard. This must surely be equipped with the new A-die chips, much more docile in overclocking. We are also expecting two A-Die kits next week to test on the next Z790 motherboards.

During this live Intel, we were also able to see the new version of the software overclocking Intel Extreme Tuning Utility version Intel offers a new version of its software that offers the possibility of independently modifying the frequency of each core, whether P-Core or E-Core. The idea is to make it easier for beginners to get started.

In short, can’t wait to test this new generation and also pass it under LN2. Maybe the timing will allow us to do it fairly quickly.

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