A Nintendo Switch emulator appears in official Steam Deck video

The present day Valve surprised users Steam Deck or those eager to get one in an official video about device updates, a Nintendo Switch emulator appearedwhich has undoubtedly generated controversy among the gamer community.

Steam Deck was launched last year as a kind of portable PC focused on gaming which has been gaining more popularity as the days go by because now and according to the official Valve video, the device already has different peripherals than the they make it more useful, it is loaded with improvements and updates and it has also become easier to get because it is already beginning to be manufactured on a larger scale like the rest of the consoles, so it is no longer necessary to make a reservation to acquire one. However, among so many details of this new presentation, one stood out that has nothing to do directly with the “wonders” of the Steam Deck.

It happens exactly at minute 1:40 of the video when some of the features of the mode are being explained offline that we can see that for a thousandth of a second an app named “YUZU” appears next to games like Hades Y vampire survivors. This application is famous for its ability to emulate Nintendo’s hybrid console games on devices such as the Steam Deck.

We do not know if it is a “trolling” or an oversight on the part of Valve, but there is no doubt that they have been very brave to show this in an official video, especially due to Nintendo’s rigid anti-emulation and anti-piracy stance.

Among other details you will see also that the Xbox logo appearsbut this is perhaps because a brand controller was linked to the Valve device at the time of making the video.

What do you think about a Nintendo Switch emulator being featured in an official Steam Deck video?


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