A SapceX rocket starts the Crew-5 mission with four astronauts

The Space X company has sent its fifth manned spacecraft to the International Space Station (ISS) on Wednesday, which has managed to successfully reach the space laboratory a few minutes late, where it docked successfully after a journey of around 30 hours. , as has been verified in a live broadcast.

NASA has managed to take off the Falcon 9 rocket of the Crew-5 mission from platform 39A of the Kennedy Space Center, andn Cape Canaveral (Florida), with four astronauts on board. “We are on our way to space!”, The US space agency has congratulated via Twitter to see how the rocket with the coupled ‘Dragon Endurance’ ship took height.

This mission will allow several scientific discoveries to be made for six months. During their time in the orbiting laboratory, the crew of Crew-5 will conduct over 200 science experiments and technological tests in areas such as health, including research on heart diseasesY lunar fuel systemsSpaceX has pointed out.

12 minutes after takeoff, for its part, SpaceX, which has built both the Dragon ship and the booster rocket, has confirmed that the ship “has separated from the second stage of Falcon 9”, a separation that has been seen in a live broadcast.

“Main engine outage and stage separation confirmed. Second stage engine burning underway,” the private agency, owned by billionaire Elon Musk, has detailed. Likewise, it has been possible to see how the first stage of the Falcon 9, shortly after takeoff, has returned and landed autonomously on the unmanned platform ‘Just Read the Instructions’, located in the Atlantic.

After takeoff, the applause of the engineers in the flight control center at Cape Canaveral was heard the moment the Dragon began to fly alone. Meanwhile, images have been shown from inside the capsule with the four astronauts in the cabin. One of them began to play with a stuffed animal while his companions stretched out their arms and legs as a sign of having passed the difficult takeoff test.

At that moment They were traveling at a speed of 26,984 km/h. and at a height of 203 kilometers from Earth.

Who travels in the Dragon Endurance?

Crew-5 carries two NASA astronauts, the mission commander Nicole Aunapu Mann and the pilot Josh Cassadaalong with the astronaut Koichi Wakataof the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and the Russian cosmonaut anna kikia, from Roscosmos, who will serve as mission specialists.

Commander Mann is the first native american woman to travel to space and belongs to the Wailacki-Round Valley Indian Tribe of Northern California. The Crew-5 is the eighth manned mission carried out by SpaceX since the beginning of its operations, and also the first commanded by a woman, Mann, who in turn made her first space trip.

Likewise, inside the Dragon Endurance capsule used by the mission, a ship that was already used before in the Crew-3 mission, travels Kikina, who becomes the First cosmonaut from the Russian space agency Roscosmos to board a SpaceX spacecraft.

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