arrested. Two years in prison

arrested.  Two years in prison


He had just sold a girl a shot. Arrested, he negotiated the sentence and returned free

Surprised peddling on the streets of Prestino. The criminal case involving a man from Como (42 years old), residing just a short distance from the scene, who was surprised by the team’s agents ended with a plea bargain with a two-year sentence – plus a 3,000 euro fine. Mobile of the Police Headquarters and arrested after the report made to the public prosecutor on duty Massimo Astori. The sentence agreement was ratified in front of judge Luciano Storaci. The police operation had begun on Thursday afternoon – around 4 pm – in via Bregno. A girl was seen paying for and buying two doses of cocaine (0.72 grams) and heroin (1.3 grams) respectively by a man who stopped to talk to her for a few minutes before driving off in a Volkswagen Golf.

The car was then followed and stopped in the parking lot in via Virgilio, near the Casate swimming pool. The subsequent search of the car led (after the identification and identification of the man who drove it, namely Matteo Fossani) to find 0.96 grams of additional heroin and 31 grams of hashish. The checks at this point also extended to the forty-two-year-old’s home where a further 41 grams of hashish contained in a cupboard came out. There was also a precision slingbar on site.

The drug was seized and the man was arrested before being tried with the very direct rite. Assisted by the lawyer Simone Terraneo, he chose to negotiate the sentence which was quantified in two years. The judge then ordered house arrest at the parents’ home outside the province of Como. The intervention just summarized took place entirely on the streets of the Prestino district. The young woman who bought the drug was administratively sanctioned and her name was reported to the Prefecture.


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