Artifacts of Chaos, the Chilean game already has its demo available

In the framework of Steam Next Fest October The first demo of the video game Clash: Artifacts of Chaos was released. It comes from the hand of publisher French NACON and the Chilean development studio ACE Team. It is an action and adventure game with combat based on martial arts, set in a fantasy world punk.

PC gamers will be able to explore the strange lands of Zenozoik, battle peculiar-looking monsters, and challenge skilled opponents in hand-to-hand combat.. The main character is Pseudo. With him you will trigger a series of fights.

You will access other forms of fighting, such as traditional boxing and even more savage ones. claw (claw) can lacerate enemies with bare hands. In the demo you will find five combat styles.

As you progress you will unlock special moves. The craziest thing of all happens when you meet certain conditions. You’ll switch to a first-person view and unleash a series of devastating blows before finishing off your enemies with a killing blow..

Clash: Artifacts of Chaos is distinguished from other action-adventure games by a particular mechanic: the Ritual. It establishes artifacts with properties unique to each player. The result of this ancient tradition defines the rules of combat, such as whether you can use a weapon or if you must take the first hit without reacting.. It is impossible to escape the Ritual.

The demo of Clash: Artifacts of Chaos is now available on Steam until October 10 through this link. The final version of the game will come for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam and Epic in February 2023.

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