Collision of two black holes could be felt on our planet


An impressive fact.

The collision between two supermassive black holes could be visible from Earth, due to its magnitude. However, they have now put an estimated date for this collision.

According to the Mvs Noticias portal, the study was carried out by scientists from Astronomy & Astrophysics (A&A), who assure that in the center of the galaxy identified as J1430+2303 the clash of two holes could happen in three more years.

In the words of scientists, the combined masses of these two holes is dand 200 million soles. far surpassing Sagittarius Awhich is the one in the center of the Milky Way.

black holes

The experts explained that the particles of energy that will be emitted by the fusion of these two colossi are so large that one can speak without fear of a final collision.

The investigation showed that the maximum time for this phenomenon to occur is three years, that is, in 2025. However, they point out that it could be coupled before and be end of this year.

How did you define this? through the x-ray light variation emitted by the galaxy and the iron emission is added, which would indicate in a 99.96% to an imminent collision.

At the moment, researchers are attentive to this phenomenon, since it can provide new details about their origin, their growth, among others. LikewiseRegarding possible effects on Earth due to the crash, nothing was recorded.

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