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Accounts of close to a million Facebook users have been compromised due to the malicious activity of 400 Android and iOS apps designed to steal login credentials.

Meta researchers have identified over 400 applications available in the Google and Apple stores that pretended to offer photo editing services, virtual private networks (VPN), activity monitors or other types of utilities, with the aim that users would download them.

These malicious ‘apps’, once installed on the ‘smartphone’, requested login with facebook account to be able to use the functions that they promised to have. However, its purpose, as Meta has detailed on its official website, was steal credentials.

“If login information is stolen, attackers could gain full access to a person’s account and do things like send messages to your friends or access private information“, they explain from the company.

Meta alerted Apple and Google to these applications, which have been removed from both app stores. However, and since they can still be installed on users’ phones, the company has advised resetting the password and creating a new one that is strong and accompanied by a two-step authentication system. If internal notifications are also activated, the user could know if someone is trying to access their account.

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