Desert Florido National Park, creation of a supercontinent and Tesla presents a humanoid robot

Every week, experts from different areas surprise us with hundreds of studies and discoveries.

During this week, President Gabriel Boric traveled to the Atacama Region to announce the creation of the new Desert Florido National Parkunveiled a pet robot that looks like something out of a Disney movie, and scientists say Earth is on track to become a supercontinent.

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Asteroid that killed the dinosaurs created a huge tsunami

An asteroid about 14 kilometers wide left a crater about 100 kilometers in diameter near the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. In addition to ending the reign of the dinosaurs, the direct impact caused a mass extinction of 75% of the animal and plant life on the planet.

In 48 hours, a tsunami had circled the globe and was thousands of times more energetic than the modern tsunamis caused by earthquakes.

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Loona, a cute pet robot

The magic of Pixar reached the technology company KEYi Techwhich is financed through Kickstarters, a donation application in which they have raised US$ 1.7 million for the loona’s creationa pet robot.

The robot can freely navigate your home, sneeze, dance, do tricks and respond to pets or come closer when you call. As a good smart device, you can also program it through a mobile phone application.

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Earth is on its way to becoming a supercontinent

Research conducted by Curtin University traces a medium-term geological future for our planet, using 4D geodynamic models of the Earth’s tectonic plates.

The study indicates that in next 200 to 300 million yearsall the continents of the Earth are going to unite and form a new supercontinent called Amasia.

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Tesla unveils its first humanoid robot

With a mix between “Terminator” and “I, Robot”, the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, presented the prototype of the new robot called Optimus during the Artificial Intelligence Day. “Last year it was just one person in a robot suit. We have come a long way. Compared to then, this is going to be very impressive,” she said.

Each robot will have a value of no less than USD $20,000 (about $19,435,200 million pesos) and it will transform “civilization as we know it.”

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Florid Desert National Park

Within the framework of the National Environment Day, the president Gabriel Boric traveled to the Atacama Region to announce the creation of the new Florid Desert National Parka recent that is expected to be ready for the first quarter of 2023.

The park will initially safeguard about 30 thousand hectares of public land between Vallenar and Copiapó (Llanos and Chañarcillo sectors), which will be delivered to the National Forestry Corporation (Conaf).

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