Do you want 15 euros free?  So you can activate this bonus from your Xiaomi mobile to make the most of Prime Day 2022

Amazon announced a few days ago a new Prime Day, and will take place during next Tuesday and Wednesday. We are already warming up with some previous offers, but Amazon has another idea: 15 euro gift in case you need them for Prime Day.

we will explain how to get those 15 euros from your Xiaomi mobile, and there are two different methods, and one of them is valid until the end of the year, so you will have all the time in the world. Of course, we recommend that you activate it now to be able to take advantage of it on Prime Day in October 2022.

Get the 15 euros with Amazon Photos

One of the first methods to get the 15 euros gift from Amazon is through your Amazon Photos app. In order to get them, you must be an Amazon Prime subscriber Y not having activated the Amazon Photos free trial before. The steps to follow are those:

  • Download the Amazon Photos app on your Xiaomi mobile through the Play Store.

  • Sign in to the app with your Amazon Prime account and grant all necessary permissions for its use.

  • You should enable auto save option so that you can make a copy of your photos or select the ones you want to upload to the cloud.

Within a maximum period of seven days, Amazon will contact you by email informing you that you have received the coupon, and you can redeem it in any of your purchases.

Amazon confirms that Xiaomi will be on Prime Day 2022 with exclusive offers: these are the key dates

You must bear in mind that this method to get the 15 euros from Amazon has an expiration date: as of October 31, it can no longer be redeemed this gift by this method.

Get the 15 euros if you don’t have an Amazon account

If you have never created an Amazon account, don’t worry, since the e-commerce giant has also thought of you. If you want to opt for the 15 euros, all you have to do is sign up for Amazon and have never used the app before.

If you don’t remember if you’ve ever used the app or not, you can check if you opt for the 15 euro coupon through its website, where you can read all the terms and conditions to obtain the coupon.

This method does give a little more margin to users, who can use it even for Black Friday discounts, since the coupon can be obtained until December 31, 2022.

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