Elle Fanning Will Be Hideo Kojima's Next Muse

The creator of Metal Gear and Death Stranding had chosen to launch his campaign of teasing at the Tokyo Game Show by merely revealing a silhouette in chiaroscuro. PAX Australia, which is currently being held in Melbourne, was an opportunity to change the filter to feed the treasure hunt, and to confirm the presence of the actress in the casting, the time to scan the QR Code appearing on show poster.

After “Who am I?” from Tokyo, visitors to the show were therefore able to answer the second question posed by Kojima Productions, “Where am I?” – before the announcement spread on social networks like wildfire. An informed cinephile, Hideo Kojima undoubtedly fell in love with Elle Fanning’s acting in The Neon Demon (2016), directed by his sidekick Nicolas Winding Refn, with whom he has had an obvious artistic bond for many years. It was no coincidence that the Danish director found himself in the credits of Death Stranding.

After Léa Seydoux, Norman Reedus, Lindsay Wagner or Margaret Qualley, the famous author continues in any case to maintain privileged links with the Seventh Art, even if we still don’t know anything about the future project he is secretly incubating at Kojima. Productions. The most burning rumor evokes a horrific game called Overdose and again featuring Margaret Qualley in dark corridors, equipped with her simplest flashlight. A pitch which would finally materialize the project of “groundbreaking horror game” which has animated Hideo Kojima for many years, and of which PT remains today the most striking avatar.

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