Europe approves USB-C as a single charger from autumn 2024

Electronic waste is one of the most polluting wastes in the world. According to him United Nations Environment Programare generated about 50 million tons of electronic waste. Faced with this problem, the The European Parliament approved that chargers with a USB-C port are universal in the countries that comprise it.

The measure, approved with 603 votes in favor, 13 against and 8 abstentions, will apply to mobile phones; tablets; e-books; digital cameras; game consoles and headphones.

With this, some companies will have to adapt to the measure that will come into force in the fall of 2024. Among these, Apple. The company already includes USB-C in some of its products, but not in its iPhones. The implementation will also allow devices to be sold with or without a charger.

According to Margrethe Vestager, European Commissioner for Competition, thanks to the legislation it is expected to save at least 195 million dollars per year and reduce more than a thousand tons of electronic waste annually.

How is the situation in Chile?

The accumulation of electronic waste is a global problem. In this sense, Chile is not excluded. A study of Ministry of Environment of 2021, revealed that sOnly 3.4% of waste from technical and technological devices is recycledequivalent to 320 grams per inhabitantbeing the companies that generate more electronic waste.

Furthermore, it is estimated that each home has 40 pieces of technological equipment, generating an average of 9.6 kilos of scrap per year for each inhabitant. At a global level it is not very different, since around 50 million tons of electronic waste are produced worldwide every year.

Should the measure be applied worldwide?

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