European Space Agency revealed how and when the end of the Earth will be


According to calculations obtained from the Gaia space probe.

The European Space Agency (ESA) revealed, thanks to a series of calculations, when and how the end of the Earth and everything that exists on it would be.

Scientists from the THIS explained that this process is closely linked with the activity of the Suntherefore, the Earth process will occur when the giant star reaches the end of its cycle

According to specialists, the star is in its main sequence phase, that is, where the nucleus manages to transform hydrogen into heliumwhich generates energy expressed in the form of brightness and heat.


The data collected by ESA’s Gaia space probe, this period will happen between 10,000 and 11,000 million yearsmoment in which the sun will reach the end of its time (main sequence).

At the end of this stage, the Sun would raise its temperature so much, that it would make it uninhabitable for human lifesince it will evaporate the oceans and become a giant red starwhich over time would end up in a dim white dwarf

From Deutsche Welle they point out that our Solar System is about 4,500 million years old, which it means that our Sun is in its half-life.

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