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In recent Dragonflight builds, Blizzard has made several improvements to Dragonflight. I haven’t talked about it every time, but I think that a little news summary of the most important elements may be of interest to several readers among you.

The first thing is to increase the visibility of Dracoglyphs in the Dragon Islands. A Dracoglyph is a kind of large piece suspended in the air. By passing through it with your character, you unlock an achievement and gain a talent point to spend on your Dragons on the Back talents.

Casually, these Dracoglyphs were not always easy to see and the light effect added in recent days is clearly welcome. In the image below you can also see that the stamina bar, which is kind of your flight mana (once depleted you have to land), has also gotten a graphical facelift.

Since I’m talking about Dracoglyphs, know that the location of these is not displayed in game. You must walk around or know their locations. However, the interface still gives you a little boost. If you are near a Dracoglyph, an icon will appear on screen showing you how far away you are from it, as well as the direction to take to approach it. This allows you to wander wherever you want and then, when you see the icon, search for the nearest Dracoglyph.

Let’s finish with a very recent addition, that of the source of drake customizations. As you already know, there are four different mounts for Dragonriding. Each is obtained during the Dragonflight campaign, at the rate of one mount per zone.

You can customize the appearance of your drakes by modifying its skin, its type of scales, its horns, its coloring or the type of horns. You can pick up new customizations from faction stewards, by doing quests, or through World Drops. Well know that the drake customization interface now displays the complete list of items, with an indication of the source. This is very practical!

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