Explode or Freeze?  This would happen if an astronaut took off his suit in space


A fatal fate.

To travel to space, a series of implements is needed, therefore, each astronaut is prepared with a special suit that protects them from the different conditions that exist in the vast universe.

However, if for one reason or another an astronaut takes off his suit in deep space What would happen to him? Science fiction has been in charge of making it clear to us that the deathbut How?

According to a report by La República, NASA experts revealed what would happen to the body of a human if he weren’t in the suit built for these occasions.


The first impact we would feel would be at the pressure level, since space has no atmosphere, which means it has no atmospheric pressure.

Therefore, if an astronaut decides to remove his suit, the liquids in our body (organs, tissues, among others) would begin to boil and form gas bubbles that would quickly cause a circulatory failure.

“Since 60% of the human body is made up of water, this is a serious problem.” points out Kris LehnhardtElement Scientist for NASA’s Human Research Program at LiveScience.

Given this, Lehnhardt pointed out that it would be impossible for a human to survive, death would come in less than two minutes. Experiments carried out on animals showed that the survival period would be between 90 seconds (dogs) and 3 minutes (chimpanzees).

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