Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro: 5 features to remember from new smartphones

The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, admittedly very similar to the Pixel 6 in appearance, both include a SoC developed by Google and dubbed Tensor. The chip, included here in its G2 version, allows uses that we will detail with a magnifying glass during our lab tests.

Automatic transcription of messages

If you are a user of voice notes, or rather the recipient of these voice messages, this function concerns you. Google includes an automatic message transcription function in its Pixel 7 series, which is very useful when you don’t have headphones at hand, and you don’t want your whole subway car to enjoy your personal stories. The function, announced on the Pixel 7, is probably reserved for them, and will only work on its release on the Google Message application. However, the firm indicates that it is working on its integration with third-party messaging services, such as WhatsApp.

Blur removal a posteriori on your pictures

Reserved for Pixel 7 – and the future Pixel Tablet – this function uses the skills of the Tensor G2 chip included in smartphones. Called Anti Blur, it promises to remove the blurring of movement noticeable on snapshots stored in Google Photo, and from the mobile application installed on the Pixel 7. The demonstrations carried out by Mountain View are of course convincing, but we have yet to evaluate whether this feature is effective on complex images, with multiple subjects or a busy background.



The new version of Night Vision mode

The Pixel 7 welcomes a new version of the Night Vision mode, dedicated to capturing night photos. This is not instantaneous, and increases the risk of motion blur. Google promises to take advantage of the Tensor G2 chip to halve the image processing time while improving the final rendering. As you can imagine, this will be a point to which we will pay particular attention during our laboratory tests.

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The High Resolution Zoom

As you will have noticed, many of the new features brought by the Tensor G2 chip are related to image capture. Google thus evokes a Super Res Zoom (high resolution zoom in French) which piqued our curiosity, since it promises a magnification of up to 30x with a limited loss of detail. We do know the effectiveness of the 2x digital zoom offered on previous generations of Pixel (and again on the standard Pixel 7), but Google intends to go much further this year, combining the shots taken with the different sensors and offering a framing assistance, very useful in case of high magnification.

Assisted selfies

Google largely honors inclusivity – we think in particular of its True Tone function – but also accessibility. The Pixel 7 thus benefit from an assisted selfie system promising to help the blind and visually impaired to take self-portraits without outside help, through voice guidance.

These are of course not the only functions that we will have to evaluate within the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. Voice Assistant integration with Messages, Cinematic mode in video, macro and ultra wide-angle mode with autofocus (on the Pro model) and face unlock are all elements that we will examine during our tests.

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