GTA 5: he ends the game by killing as few people as possible, mind-blowing numbers

Game news GTA 5: he ends the game by killing as few people as possible, mind-blowing numbers

GTA 5 was, is and will be in the news for at least a while, that’s a fact. The Rockstar juggernaut hasn’t finished talking about him, especially since fans linger over frankly crazy challenges, like the one in question today.

No violence, it’s the holidays

Released in 2013 on PS3 and Xbox 360, it is impressive to see how GTA 5 has survived the ages: it was ported to PC, then in a remastered version on PS4 and Xbox One before landing this year in an ultimate edition on PS5 and Xbox Series. And even if GTA 6 is seriously starting to be talked about and some are predicting a reveal soon, its predecessor is still and always talked about.

Among othersYouTuber DarkViperAU set himself a particular challenge: to complete Grand Theft Auto V by killing as few people as possible. This goes for the main quests, but also for all the inter-mission journeys in the open-world, which is not easy. He has just completed his feat and the data collected is impressive, but not necessarily where you expect it.

Being a saint takes time

DarkViperAU has therefore just completed GTA 5 by killing as few NPCs as possible. The result ? 96 dead, including 30 by firearms and 66 in hand-to-hand combat. It’s already “not so bad” for a game that probably offers thousands of people to kill, but the real surprise is not there: it’s about how long the challenge took him.

To achieve his feat, the YouTuber will have devoted 1,227 days to it in total, including a thousand hours of recording. He actually started the challenge on May 25, 2019.n not suspecting the least in the world that it was going to be so time-consuming.

Always with a view to being the least violent possible, he then gave himself several imperatives: for example, kill only when absolutely necessary and when it was, in hand-to-hand combat or with the least powerful weapon. Likewise, he set himself the goal of never wearing a bulletproof vest and never cheating.

A laborious journey which will in any case have borne fruit on the internet with 30 million cumulative views for more than 90,000 subscribers on YouTube. DarkViperAU humorously confesses that the challenge got him “took most of his sanity”.

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