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The launch window for Halo Infinite, which will arrive in Fall 2021 (northern hemisphere), has recently been confirmed, as 343 Industries wants to be able to polish the entire experience.

Faced with this, they have already begun to declare some of the improvements that will come for the title that was once Microsoft’s workhorse for Xbox Series X and Series S and the one that has been recently mentioned has been that of a glorious meme, Craig.

The Brute Craig, as he was finally nicknamed on Xbox, appeared for the first time in the Halo Infinite demo shown on Xbox Inside last July, although it is not easy to see with the naked eye, it was after the presentation that in a freeze frame, this expressionless NPC appeared.

According to a recent statement from 343 Industries, the already famous Craig will receive a revamp in the title and we may not recognize him later, as facial expressions will be improved where there will be multiples for the brutes in the game.

Likewise, from 343 Industries they clarify that they have grown fond of the character and confess that for the Julio demo, not all the animations were loaded in that demo, so it was unfortunate to have found the inexpressive brute.

Halo Infinite already has a launch window for Fall 2021 (Northern Hemisphere) and will arrive on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC platforms.

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