How will the refund be after the rework of the gears in Brawl Stars?

How will the refund be after the rework of the gears in Brawl Stars?

It’s been days since we reached the month of October, and that in brawl stars it means that very soon we will live the promised complete gear reset. With many doubts in the air outside the date of when we can expect such a sudden change in the gaming experience.

A total reset to the reinforcements that, although it was not intended for so soon, the desire of the community weighs heavily on a title like brawl stars. So they have been prioritizing this rework over other changes.

As you know, a discount first came to forge more reinforcements and take advantage of the ones that remain of life, because it is also not clear how big that restart will be, because it is not only planned simplify the process of getting tokens and reduce their costIf not, there will also be additional, more specific reinforcements for each type of brawler and that “not everyone” will be able to use.

However, the important thing is focused on the famous refund in the form of coins. Since from this almost total rework, the coins will have more importance in the forging of the reinforcements in the future, perhaps being the end of what we know today as scrap in brawl stars.

A feared refund for how fair it can be, since we are will return all scrap, booster tokens and already crafted boosters in the form of coins. And the latter raises doubts, since from the discount, there are users who were able to forge many more reinforcements with much less resources. Well, while someone in August spent 6 strength tokens and 680 scrap for each reinforcement at level 3 of each brawler, in September only 4 tokens and 240 scrap are paid for the same product. Receiving the same amount of gold.

Maybe the team brawl stars You should omit the latter and not count the reinforcements already forged, and only those first two points: all scrap and all reinforcement tokens obtained in all this time they’ve been in the game. In this way, whether you have forged many or few, took advantage of the discount or not, you will receive an amount of gold according only to your progress in the game.

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