Microsoft Clarifies That Free-to-Play Games Will Soon Be Playable Without Xbox Live Gold



Xbox Live recently changed its name to Xbox Network, which after more than a decade will begin to change, to better fit Microsoft’s online services and even a feature that was not “logical” will begin to operate very soon.

Something that Microsoft mentioned not long ago, when it tried to raise the price of the Xbox Live Gold subscription and later retracted such an act, is that soon the official membership of the company’s consoles would no longer be necessary for Free-to-play games. To-Play like Warzone, Fortnite or Rocket League.


Recently Microsoft through a system update, which is currently in Alpha status, has clarified that Xbox Live Gold will no longer be required to play Free-To-Play games that are available on Xbox consoles.

Certainly this is progress, especially seeing that the competition does not require its players to have an online subscription to enjoy Free-To-Play titles such as Warzone, Fortnite or Rocket League, an issue that has always been questioned due to the format of these games.

Which are offered without any requirement other than to have the system where they operate and that clearly their business model is based on microtransactions with cosmetic packages and/or a Battlepass, whatever it may be, very soon Xbox will be on par with the rest.

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