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Minecraft, the open world exploration and construction game from Mojang, was a complete industry revolution when it was released in 2009, the game, although simple at its base and relatively complex at a higher level, found a way to enchant an entire community. generation of new gamers and made quite a few famous by the time YouTube was only a few years old.

Although this game has gone through several transformations throughout its 10 years of life, something that was announced during E3 2017, is that finally and without the need for Mods, Minecraft would have a HD graphics pack and that even It would even support 4K, however, according to what the company reported through its official website, Mojang would have decided to cancel this project, within the reasons that the Microsoft-owned studio has given, is that unfortunately the challenges that has given to create this pack of textures have surpassed them.

Some of you may remember that we announced the Super Duper Graphics Pack during E3 2017. Super Duper was an ambitious initiative that would bring a new look to Minecraft, but unfortunately the pack turned out to be too technically demanding to implement as planned.

According to the statement, Mojang will be exploring other options to give Minecraft another look, but this particular project, with the HD texture pack, will not continue.

It may be that in some way, the number of devices and platforms in which Minecraft is included have been the specific challenge that this company had to overcome, since there were so many different devices, surely there were problems in the resource capacity that such a game popular would have with this new texturing.

Even so, this is not the first time that this project has been delayed, in 2017, it was originally going to be released on Xbox One X, taking advantage of the ability to take games to 4K, but due to problems of this nature, the Pack was delayed until 2018 , leading us to effective cancellation now in 2019.

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Minecraft is available on Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms.

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