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Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment’s Battle Royale inspired by the world of TitanFall, seems to be regaining some of the traction it lost after the start of its first season, from the company they would have reported more than 8 million players a week, a good number to stay in the game, however, a new controversy has ignited around the game and it is due to one of the recently added collectibles.

Apex Legends has just started its Iron Crown event, in which the new solo mode that we would have talked about some time ago has been dropped, also in this new game event some collectibles would have been added, more specifically 12 Legendary Items and 12 epics, however, one of them the Raven’s Bite, the new relic for Bloodhound would have ignited the fury of the players due to the high cost that it would mean to obtain it.

According to the calculations of the PCGamer medium, obtaining this relic as quickly as possible would take us into a “Pay, to Pay” system, where based on micropayments you would end up spending, according to them as a minimum amount, around $170 USD to obtain said object.

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Although, this has not been the most expensive item they have had within Apex Legends, since as you will remember, the relic for Wraith, which appears inside the loot boxes in Apex Legends, had a very low probability of appearing, without However, if we spent 500 USD on boxes, this item would be insured.

Obviously this has not gone down well with Apex Legends players, and within Reddit many complaints have been generated due to the recent additions to the video game, even a user has dedicated himself to collecting in a sort of “Summary” everything bad that there is inside the game.

And the complaints are not directly directed at the amount of money in question that must be paid for the Bloodhound object, if they are not to the detriment of the system of “payment walls” behind it, which are not few and Respawn offers very few “playable” options to try to farm it.

So far, neither Respawn Entertainment nor Electronic Arts have made an appearance to give a response or try to calm the player population, however, this does not seem to leave the video game and the development studio behind very well.

Apex Legends is available and free on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

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