Ok, we found a satellite where maybe there is life and this is a picture of it in HD

Europa is one of the satellites of Jupiter discovered by Galileo, the fourth in size and the sixth largest in the solar system. Lately this world is under the eyes of scientists for numerous reasons, first of all the possibility that there is life in the oceans that exist within it.

Now NASA’s Juno mission has taken a high-resolution photo of its surface. An impressive image that reveals its frozen and shattered crust.


NASA / JPL-Caltech / SwRI

The shot covers approximately 150 kilometers by 200 kilometers of the surface of Europa, revealing a region crisscrossed by a network of thin furrows and double ridges. Near the top right, as well as just to the right and bottom center, there are dark spots perhaps related to something from below erupting to the surface. Below the center and to the right is a surface that resembles a large musical note, measuring 67 kilometers north-south by 37 east-west. The white dots in the image are the signs of the penetration of high-energy particles from the strong radiation environment around the moon.

Juno’s Stellar Reference Unit (SRU), a stellar camera used to orient the spacecraft, obtained the black and white image during the spacecraft’s flyover of Europa on September 29, 2022, at a distance of approximately 412 kilometers.

In a decade or so, NASA’s Clipper mission will physically go to the satellite trying to reveal its mystery, hoping to find the first form of extraterrestrial life ever.

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