Overwatch 2 barely released, the first is already being destroyed!

Game news Overwatch 2 barely released, the first is already being destroyed!

Overwatch no longer exists and it is now impossible to play it. Some game distributors have decided to step up a gear and clean up their shelves.


  • More Overwatch and a complicated Overwatch 2 launch
  • Overwatch literally exploded

More Overwatch and a complicated Overwatch 2 launch

Since October 4th, we have had to say goodbye to Overwatch for good. Farewells more or less heartbreaking for some who expressed their feelings through the sentence See You On the Other Side. Indeed, a little before the deployment this Tuesday of Overwatch 2, Blizzard cut the servers leading to Overwatch first of the name and therefore making access inaccessible to anyone wishing to play it. For the first time since 2014 and the creation of the Game Awards ceremony, an elected game GOTY closed its doors.

However, it is legitimate to think that some players would like to return to the original opus, especially since the release of Overwatch 2, for several reasons.

First of all, it should be noted that those who have never set foot in the world of Overwatch will be taken by the hand in this sequel. It is one of measures taken by Blizzard (like that of phone number that has been talked about so much) in order to improve the gaming experience for neophytes: they must complete more or less 100 games in order to unlock all the available content. The second reason being that since the release of the game, the latter shows many bugs and malfunctions which are not to everyone’s taste: some are even new, causing players to want to be able to play Blizzard’s team action game without obstacles.

Overwatch literally exploded

But really, it is impossible to connect to the first opus. Especially since some versions of the game are starting to be literally exploded. Indeed, who says server shutdown says impossibility to connect, even via the console versions of Overwatch. An observation that pushes some store managers like those of the chain GameStop to give barbaric directives. This is shown by the TikTok user ksihinata in video posted on social network

What shower the hopes of many collectors who still have not got their hands on the physical version of the title. On this subject, if Overwatch 2 was released on PC but also on consoles, physical versions have not yet been announced.

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