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Overwatch, the hero shooter from Blizzard Entertainment, is waiting to celebrate a new event, Summer Games 2021, which will bring back the Lúciobol game mode and obviously a litter of new legendary skins for its heroes

Yesterday the first teaser of this event was published where some of the new skins that will arrive at the Overwatch Summer Games 2021 were shown, one of those shown in some fragments was that of Ashe, which in recent minutes has been revealed with all its details and how it will be will see BOB too.

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As announced, the new legendary skin will be called Poolside Ashe, which highlights all her clothing ready to take a dip and enjoy the summer, where BOB also wears a matching outfit and a pink Flamingo float on his head .

You can also see that Ashe wears sunglasses, a sarong on her hip, and her weapon seems to have also changed, showing an almost toy rifle, it is possible that with so many changes her dynamite also has some kind of special effect, but it has not been shown.

Like all legendary event skins, Ashe’s Poolside skin will be worth 3,000 in-game currency or can be obtained from special loot boxes from the event, which begins tomorrow, July 20.

Overwatch is available on Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms.

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