As is customary at Sony, today is the last Wednesday of the month and as you may have already heard, the company has released the announcement of free PS Plus games for the month of December 2020.

For now and until December 1st, Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 players, who have an active account with Playstation Plus, will be able to download the November games, which are Bugsnax (Only PS5), Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War and Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition.

But what concerns us today is to show you and talk a little about the games that will arrive next December 2020 to the PS Plus service for free, which, like the previous ones, can be downloaded on Playstation 4 and PS5

PS Plus Free Games December 2020

Just Cause 4 (Compatible with PS5)

Just Cause 4 is, as its name indicates, the fourth title of the Just Cause franchise, where we play Rico Rodriguez who must liberate the Solis territory from the plans of Oscar Espinosa and the Illapa Project, if in any way you think that Just Cause 4 has already been given away on the service, not really, this is the first time, although its two previous games came to PS Plus in August 2017 and August 2012

Rocket Arena (Compatible with PS5)

Rocket Arena is one of the new releases this year, a chaotic Shooter of shooting rockets on small maps with mechanics similar to Super Smash Bros, where our mission will be to do as much damage to the enemies to eliminate them from the platform.

Worms Rumble (Compatible with PS5)

Worms Rumble is a new game from Team17, a spinoff of the Worms series that this time is involved in a Battle Royale type model, where up to 32 players can play, here we can use a lot of weapons from the Worms series, as well as customize our pair worms that have style on the battlefield.

Finally, Sony has confirmed that Bugsnax will extend its “free” time as a welcome title to PS Plus on Playstation 5, according to Playstation Access, PS5 players will be able to claim Bugsnax until January 4, 2020.

When can I download the free PS Plus games for December 2020?

As always, Sony maintains the custom regarding free Playstation Plus games and this time you can start enjoying Just Cause 4, Rocket Arena and Worms Rumble, on December 1, 2020.

We also leave you invited to know ALL the free games that Playstation Plus has given to its customers in the last 10 years, an article that we update every month, with the new additions to the free PS Plus games of each month.

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