ReBAR is required for Intel Arc boards, supported AMD 500 Series motherboards

No, you don’t necessarily need an Intel platform to make optimal use of an Arc graphics card.

We’ve known it for some time now: Intel’s Arc graphics cards require a system that supports the Resizable BAR feature, also called SAM (Smart Access Memory) by AMD, which allows the processor to have full and direct access to memory. video. Failing this, performance drops very sharply (sometimes by several tens of percent). Intel has however completed this point by indicating the platforms actually supported to provide optimal performance with its new range of graphics cards.

Image 1: ReBAR is required for Intel Arc boards, supported AMD 500 Series motherboards

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Officially Supported AMD Platforms

The manufacturer thus confirms that any platform based on one of its 400 Series, 500 Series or 600 Series chipsets is supported (i.e. motherboards for Intel Gen10 processors and more recent), provided of course that the Resizable BAR is activated in the BIOS. Curiously, motherboards with a 300 Series chipset that sometimes offer this technology are not mentioned. We will therefore have to wait for practical and real tests to confirm or not whether these old platforms remain suitable for Arc cards.

But Intel also adds that AMD platforms based on a 500 Series chipset are compatible, i.e. Ryzen 3000 Series and Ryzen 5000 Series processors. Intel is not talking about AMD’s newer platforms and processors (specifically the Ryzen 7000 Series and the X670 and B650 platforms). However, it would be unthinkable for them not to be equally compatible, especially since the manufacturer notes that ” other platforms or motherboards supporting Resizable BAR / Smart Access Memory may also support Arc cards“.

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