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A new long weekend begins in Chile and there are many who take advantage of the occasion to travel to other cities or to make a getaway to the hill or any other place away from the city and closer to nature.

On more than one occasion you got lost visiting places you had never seen before, but finally you end up finding your way back. However, what if we don’t remember how to get back?

So if you have a Apple Watchthen you are in luck, because with the arrival of watch OS 9 We have a new and useful function available called Return that will allow us to record our path and then use that record to return. It is as if you were leaving footprints that will be fully visible to return.

Use Apple Watch’s Return feature

This function was shown during the presentation of the new Apple Watch Series 8 and Ultra, so the vast majority of people thought that it would only be available for the new models. However, the return function is available from Apple Watch Series 6 onwards.

Activating it is super easy, you just have to go to the apps menu and open the compass. You will notice in the lower right part that there are some footprints, enter there and the system will ask you for permission to access your location.

Compass Function Return 1

Now the watch will ask you if you want to start the function return and thus record your route. Click on the Start button and start your walk.

Compass Function Return 2

When you are done, you will notice that a pause button now appears in the app, you press it and the watch will ask you if you want to “retrace your steps”. Select that option.

Now on the screen you will be guided where you have to go to return, it’s that easy.

Compass Function Return 5

You can also access this feature from the power off menu by pressing and holding the button on your Apple Watch below the Digital Crown.

Compass Function Return 7

Remember that the Return function is only available from Apple Watch Series 6 or higher, and that they are updated to watchOS 9.

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