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GodFall, one of the first exclusives to be announced for PS5 and PC, developed by Counterplay Games, has not been a great success as initially expected, due to certain problems in its DRM system and of course due to gameplay and a story. That didn’t draw too much attention.

At first we knew that this game would be a temporary exclusive for Playstation 5, and said exclusivity would be close to ending, taking GodFall to other territories other than PS5 and PC, so in recent hours the insider Idle Sloth has taken as a reference a rumor from 4Chan which claims that the game will debut on Xbox Series X | S in the middle of this year.

It is also mentioned that the game will arrive through Xbox Game Pass and that it would even debut on Stadia later this year, according to the information it is believed that its premiere could be between May or June, which according to the first thing we mentioned , would fit quite well with the times of its temporary exclusivity.

However, like all rumours, this must be taken with a grain of salt, since we do not know and there is no official information that can corroborate that GodFall will arrive at some point on Microsoft platforms and obviously on Xbox Game Pass.

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