so you can complement your Pixel Watch and Pixel 7

Although the protagonists of today were the Pixel Watch and the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, there were several complementary launches that did not necessarily receive so many lights: the accessories. The ones that particularly attract attention are the straps for the new Google watch.

Here we find five types of straps, starting at $49 and going up to $79. The most basic band is made of silicone with a fairly classic design and is available in five colors, highlighting a very nice mint green. Next, we have a braided (elasticated) band available in three colors. Then, we have another braided but not elasticated one, with a brooch, also in the same three colors.

Finally, there are two varieties of leather straps, one that is simpler and one that looks somewhat sportier. These are available in three and two colors respectively.

And regarding the Pixel phones, here we see very similar cases to the ones we saw last year with the Pixel 6. In fact, the design is almost identical and we only see changes in colors. The base model has one in a super attractive green color, and apart from that it has one gray and one black. They all cost $29.

Same situation with the Pixel 7 Pro, which now includes a dark green casing, adding to the already typical gray and black ones. The price is the same: 29 dollars.

These accessories are exclusively available through the Google Store, but probably in the coming weeks we will also see them available in all Google retail partners in the United States.

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