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Activision Blizzard or more precisely Blizzard Entertainment has been going through a rather dark period, after learning of a lawsuit from the state of California against it, due to repeated and massive complaints of workplace harassment, which have led its workers to paralyze certain activities.

Probably one of the stories that caused the most repudiation regarding the treatment of workers was the one known as the “Cosby Suite” room, in which several Blizzard developers can be seen in a hotel room holding the photo of Bill Cosby , actor who would have been accused of rape.

In the lawsuit, this room is narrated as one where the developers took fans to drink, there are even WhatsApp conversations where one of them points out that he has found several girls and that he will take them there, a situation that happened for Blizzcon 2013.

However, what concerns us and involves in this controversy one of the most beloved Overwatch characters, is because in the leaked conversations about the “Cosby Suite”, the developer Jesse McCree, who at that time was a developer of World Of Warcraft and currently working on Diablo IV, appears in that conversation, praising the behavior of Alex Afrasiabi, one of the defendants in the lawsuit.

Faced with this, some Overwatch fans have started a petition to Blizzard to change the name of the hero that, as some may know, bears the name of Jesse McCree due to the company’s developer, and that with this scandal it would negatively link the hero, with the developer involved.

At the moment, some are looking for McCree to be called Matt Mercer, due to the actor of the same name who does his voice in English, but at the moment it is just that, a request, since so far Blizzard Entertainment has not issued comments in front of this.

However, due to the severity of the accusations made against Alex Afrasiabi, there is a possibility of this happening, especially after learning that the World Of Warcraft team has confirmed that it will remove “inappropriate” content from the MMO after it exploded all over the world. matter of the claim.

Overwatch is available on Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms.

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