Space, the Spacex Crew 5 crew has entered the Space Station-


The Crew Dragon ‘Endurance’ shuttle docked with the International Space Station. On board the crew of the Crew 5 mission under the command of Nicole Mann, first woman in charge

Russian cosmonaut Anna Kikina and three other crew members arrived at the International Space Station on Thursday after traveling aboard SpaceX’s Crew-5 spacecraft. The joint US-Russia flight was particularly symbolic in the midst of the war in Ukraine. We can’t wait to get to work, said US astronaut Nicole Mann, shortly after the spacecraft docked with the ISS directed by Samantha Cristoforetti.

This was SpaceX’s fifth regular mission to the ISS on behalf of NASA, but the first to carry a Russian cosmonaut.. In addition to Anna Kikina and Nicole Mann, the crew of the Crew-5 also includes Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata and American astronaut Josh Cassada. The SpaceX rocket took off Wednesday from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, propelling the Dragon capsule into space. Crew-5 will spend approximately five months in the flying laboratory at an altitude of approximately 400 kilometers. They join the seven people already aboard the ISS (two Russians, four Americans and the Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti).

A few days of handover are planned with the four crew members-4, before their return to Earth. Their landing off the coast of the United States is expected on a date yet to be specified.

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