Stadia closed because it did not have a large number of users

Stadia failed the test and Google shut it down on Thursday. In a message on its corporate blog, the US company explained that, despite its “solid technological base”, the project never attracted the number of users that had been anticipated.

The attractive Stadia offered users to play on “streaming”, a modality used by the Spotify and Netflix services, with this, the need to have a console, with physical discs and that they also had to download large game files on the computer.

Through specialized portals, it was confirmed that Google will seek to make a general refund to all people who have purchased hardware to use Stadia, such as; Google TV controls or players. Additional internal purchases will also be refunded.

However, the cost of subscriptions will not be the same. This Stadia technology may be applied to other Google products, although it is still unknown where it could be used, entertainment yes it will be something in which Google will invest.

According to Phil Harrison, the general director of Stadia, he assessed that despite this closure, Google remains fully committed to video games and will continue to invest “in new tools, technologies and platforms”.

Likewise, he explained that the technology on which Stadia is based has proven to have uses beyond the video game and that there are opportunities to use it in other parts of Google’s business such as YouTube, Google Play or in the field of virtual reality.

Users will be able to access Stadia services until January 18, 2023. Some of the games will remain in free mode so that users can enjoy the games enabled on the platform.

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