Steam Neo Fest: 10 nuggets to discover for free this weekend

Game News Steam Neo Fest: 10 nuggets to discover for free this weekend

This week is the Steam Neo Fest. For seven days, hundreds of game demos are made available for free to all players on Valve’s platform. The opportunity to discover the next nuggets to come and we deliver ours to you today.

This week, the Steam Neo Fest returns with more demos to discover. The opportunity to try out the upcoming games for a few minutes and perhaps find your next little nuggets. Hundreds of titles have lent themselves to the Steam Neo Fest game and there is therefore little chance that you will not be able to find what you are looking for. Note that on the page dedicated to Steam Neo Fest, it is directly possible to see if the games in your wishlist offer a demo during the event. A very good way to discover, mouse or controller in hand, the games that already caught your eye. Be careful though, you only have until Sunday 7 p.m. to launch the demos you like. Suffice to say that you will have to be fast! But don’t panic, we’re giving you a little help with 10 nuggets (plus a few nice little demos) that caught our attention during this Steam Neo Fest.


  • 10 little gems from the Steam Neo Fest
    • Asterigos: Curse of the Stars
    • Decarnation
    • From Space
    • Gunbrella
    • Inkulinati
    • Scars Above
    • Season: A letter to the future
    • storyteller
    • Superfuse
    • The Case of the Golden Idol
  • But also

10 little gems from the Steam Neo Fest

Asterigos: Curse of the Stars

Among the demos of this Steam Neo Fest, we find particularly ambitious projects for independent studios. This is particularly the case of Asterigos: Curse Of The Stars, developed by ACME Gamestudios and published by tinyBuild. This Greek mythology-inspired RPG is in many ways reminiscent of Immortals Fenyx Rising. If we feel that the title still has some heaviness and flaws, it is nonetheless interesting to discover, especially during an event like the Steam Neo Fest. The goal is to cross the city of Aphes in the skin of Hilda, a young warrior in search of her missing father. The gameplay does not revolutionize the genre, but has the merit of offering very nice special attacks. And know that if the demo seduces you, you won’t have to wait long before discovering the sequel. The game is indeed scheduled for October 11th.


We continue with a horrific production 100% indie and French. Developed by Atelier QDB and published by Shiro Games (Dune Spice Wars, Wartales)Decarnation is a narrative game inspired by the twisted productions of David Lynch and Junji Ito, with a little Silent Hill vibe. On the gameplay side, the developers wanted to be diverse with phases of exploration, puzzles, action and infiltration, all embellished with mini-games. But don’t get me wrong, it’s above all the macabre and disturbing atmosphere of this title that will make you shiver. Nightmarish visions, terrifying monsters… Following the adventures of Gloria, a cabaret dancer on the decline being offered a most enticing proposition, will not be easy and this demo shows it to us. While it can be frustrating enough to find yourself cut out in the middle of a narrative game, this little bit of Decarnation helps lay the groundwork for that disturbing vibe that makes it one of the upcoming horror games to watch. .

From Space

After this little scare, it’s high time to have a good time with friends, right? That’s what From Space, the co-op action game from Triangle Studios and Curve Games, has to offer. The goal is simple: free the planet from an invasion of dangerous pink aliens. To do this, you will have to step into the shoes of one of the From Space specialists. Each of course has its own weapons and skills. The atmosphere is great and the game easy to pick up. In short, a good little discovery at the bend of this Steam Neo Fest. If you’re more of a solo type, it’s possible to fend off the alien invasion alone. But it will be more complicated and you will miss a good part of the interest of the title. Again, you don’t have too long to wait. From Space is indeed scheduled for November 3.


Who says Steam Neo Fest, necessarily says little game full of pixels. This is the case of Gunbrella, an action-adventure game that offers you to fight with an umbrella. We reassure you, the umbrella will not really be used to hit the enemies. It has a built-in pistol. With this “gunbrella” you can therefore shoot at enemies or obstacles, but also move around by taking impulses or gliding. The whole thing makes the gameplay very fluid and pleasant to take in hand. This 2D side-scrolling action game is fun and it’s no wonder Devolver Digital, the publisher of indie games that needs no introduction, chose it for its line-up of the year. 2023. Add to that the fact that the game is developed by the creators of the very good Gato Roboto and you have good reasons to launch this little demo at the Steam Neo Fest.


A desire to immerse yourself in the time of the Middle Ages? Direction the medieval manuscripts of Inkulinati. But make no mistake. While ink and paper feature prominently in Yaza Games and Daedalic Entertainment’s title, it’s surprisingly not a narrative game. Inkulinati is indeed a humorous strategy game. In this title inspired by real medieval marginalia, you will have to bring your army to life to prove your strength in horizontal turn-based combat. The artistic direction and the concept are original, the gameplay efficient and tactical as you wish… Something to look forward to the whole game and its complete bestiary. If all goes well, Inkulinati should not take too long to point the tip of his nose. It is indeed scheduled for this winter, although no more precise release date has been communicated for the moment.

Scars Above

During E3 202, the creators of Pagan Online unveiled their next title: a sci-fi TPS by the name of Scars Above. Quite discreet since then, the game is revealed during the Steam Neo Fest with a demo. Mix between Tomb Raider and Returnal, it promises us complex gameplay and an interesting story, all on a hostile alien planet full of mysteries. If the demo does not allow to see if the title will fulfill its promises for the moment, it constitutes a rather promising first preview of Scars Above. It is certainly not perfect, but the approach is ambitious enough to be welcomed. The game from Mad Head Games and Prime Matter could well be one of the games to follow in the coming months, and it would be a shame to miss its demo during this Steam Neo Fest.

Season: A letter to the future

Scavengers Studio’s narrative title, Season: A letter to the future, has been highlighted several times. Game Awards, State of Play… It must be said that the next game from the creators of the Darwin Project is pretty tempting. The speech? Take you on a bicycle journey to photograph the last moments of cultures doomed to disappear. Suffice to say that it promises a peaceful and poetic experience. And that’s what the Steam Neo Fest demo gives us. If you need an enchanted break to fully enjoy your weekend, we can only advise you to try this little getaway that makes you want to discover the whole game.


We change the game genre with a title published by Annapurna Interactive mixing puzzles and narration: Storyteller. The name is pretty self-explanatory, since your goal is to tell stories by filling in little boxes with different items. Each time, the desired narrative framework is indicated and it is up to you to find the different way(s) of arranging the elements of the story to tell it well. The concept works well and surprisingly thickens over the levels. For those who know Daniel Benmergui, creator of art games narratives, the title will not be unfamiliar to you. On his site ludomancy, we can indeed find the beginnings of Storyteller all in pixels. If you liked the demo, you can also go to the site to discover some atypical free experiences created by the guy, such as Today I Die or I Wish I Were the Moon.


Do you like Diablo gameplay? Do you like Borderlands AD? Stitch Heads Entertainment and Raw Fury offer you the combination of the two with a hack’n’slash with a nice stroke of the pen: Superfuse. The atmosphere is nice, the skills interesting and the gameplay quite accessible. Note that the demo offers you to play one of two characters: the Berserker or the Elementalist. Two classes with very different gameplay which allow to have an overview of the possibilities of play. Knowing that Superfuse also leaves the choice to the players in terms of superpowers, in order to acclimatize to the style of play of each player. On the story side, we were only able to get a glimpse of the colorful characters of the title. But the developers promise us a thrilling conspiracy mixing extraterrestrial threat and twists, all in a world inspired by comics.

The Case of the Golden Idol

We end with a narrative detective game all in pixels: The Case of the Golden Idol. See you in the 18th century. You are a detective and you are investigating a rather special case linking 12 deaths spread over no less than 40 years. Each crime scene must be carefully studied in order to correctly reconstruct what happened. But beware, a great mystery is hidden behind these crimes. A dark conspiracy will unfold to you as you get closer to the truth. A truth that is just beginning to reveal itself in the demo and which made us very curious. And if you need a boost to get motivated, know that Lucas Pope (Papers, Please and Return of the Obra Dinn) said he had “loved every minute of the demo” and that he was already eager to find out more. Good news if like him the demo boots you: the game will be available on October 13th.

But also

  • Against The Storm : friendly DA-like city-builder where your inhabitants can be humans, lizards or even harpies.
  • Aquatic : Survival city-builder plunging you deep into the ocean.
  • floodland : a survival game with a pretty artistic direction plunging us into a world destroyed by climate change.
  • hell is others : Dark and enigmatic bottom-up shooter that mixes PvP and PvE.
  • Kaku: Ancient Seal : an ambitious open-world where you embody a young hero embarked on a great but also dangerous adventure.
  • Manor Lords : medieval strategy game with construction, tactical combat and management.
  • Tails: The Backbone Preludes : dark narrative game using the atmosphere and mechanics of Backbone.
  • The Knight Witch : an old-school twin-stick shooter with DA-like metroidvania mechanics and a more than nice soundtrack.
  • The Pale Beyond : a survival game where you find yourself in spite of yourself managing an expedition in peril.
  • Through the Nightmares : a platformer where you embody the sandman and in which you have to play with your size to move forward.
  • Torn Away : the Second World War seen by a child deported to a labor camp through a narrative game.

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