Streamer's PC Crashes Live After Installing Pirated Video Game

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IShowSpeed ​​is a streamer who, despite having quite toxic and sexist behavior during his live broadcasts, has generated significant fame, having more than 11 million followers. This is because in general, within these somewhat violent outbursts, he delivers moments that in any case generate situations that give some laughter.

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The last of them is the one he experienced while installing a horror video game that he wanted to try on one of his streams, causing his computer to catch a virus that came from the installer. All this live and direct, while the streamer screamed in fear seeing how the virus took control of his PC, making his mouse move “alone”, launching phrases like: “Oh, no! F**k, No! No, no, no, no! F**k! No!”

It’s about the video game called Monoxider64, which IShowSpeed ​​said was a pretty scary title and that he was scared to install because: “This is some illegal dark web crypto shit bro. Illegal, cryptographic dark web. Very good brother. Let’s see”.

And despite the fact that the installer warned that “you have executed a Trojan known as Monoxide.exe. It has full capacity to delete all your data on your operating system. If you continue, please note that the creator will not be held responsible for any damage caused by this Trojan. It is highly recommended…”, the streamer continued to install it thinking it was a trolling of his followers.

And that’s how when he installed it, he saw how his desktop started to work in a strange way, while the virus took control of his PC and the streamer shouted: “Oh, fuck. No, no, no, no. What did I do, brother?”.

But that’s not all, as he then started yelling, “I’ve got to call the police, man! I’ve got to call the police! I’ve got to call the police! Oh my God! Oh wait. Are we Okay? Wait, are we okay?” Something he did, communicating with an officer to whom he was trying to explain the situation, all while his followers in the chat were making fun of what was happening, saying: “I think my PC has been hacked. My PC has been hacked! My PC has been hacked, it’s done! My PC has been hacked! It’s hacked!”

Teasing that continued after the moment had passed, as there have been many comments posted on the videos depicting the IShowSpeed ​​PC hack, including one saying that the streamer “must have a room full of computers, as it invariably ends breaking one every day”.

You can see the full moment at minute 2:31:00 of the following video


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