Take a tour of all Mortal Kombat with the incredible video of its 30th anniversary

We are in one of those moments in life when the gamer industry must pause to celebrate one of the most iconic brands of all time, one of those that did generate a change in at least one of the game genres. world of video games. A saga whose name is known by thousands of people from different generations who have marveled at the bloodiest battles of all… Mortal Kombat who is already turning 30 and who to celebrate this very important anniversary has shared a great and nostalgic video that takes a tour of the entire franchise.

It was around this time in 1992 that Ed Boon and John Tobias released a fighting game that would change everything. A title that, although it competed with great names of that time such as street-fighterwas born from a totally original and innovative proposal, where ninjas, blood and animation with real people became the winning formula that would turn Mortal Kombat in all that is today.

and in the beginning Mortal Kombat It was just about hitting buttons to kill your opponent, and if you were already talented enough with control, do one or another Fatality to show off at the time of the challenges with your friends. Nevertheless, little time passed for Ed Boon’s work to take on another meaning beyond video games Well, the story of Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Johnny Cage, Sonia Blade and other characters, as well as all the mythology that was hidden within their universe, quickly became a great attraction for geek culture.

Books, comics and later movies both animated and live action they began to compose another very important branch within the franchise.

Thus, as a powerful conglomerate and through different means, Mortal Kombat which is already celebrating its 30th anniversary, has gone down in history and what we know of this emblematic brand to this day, although of course, video games continue and will always remain their greatest strengthbecause it was the arcades and consoles that were the first to tell us the story of the deadly martial arts tournament between the nine kingdoms.

What do you think of the 30th anniversary video of Mortal Kombat And what do you think of this popular fighting franchise?


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