‘The Annihilators’ event date, rewards and more

'The Annihilators' event date, rewards and more

We cannot deny that the most recent installment of the saga Battlefield It wasn’t in great shape when it came out, but thankfully it’s gotten a lot better with the arrival of multiple updates. Now in the middle of its second season, Battlefield 2042 you will receive your first limited time event full of rewards: The Annihilators.

This will be a ‘Tactical Conquest’ game mode with tighter spaces and smaller infantry-only teams, perfect for testing close range strategies. You can see a trailer below:

It will be available for only two weeks.

When does the ‘The Annihilators’ event start and on what date does it end? Battlefield 2042?

We can enjoy this mode between Tuesday 11 and Tuesday 25 October 2022.

What is the event?

As we said, this smaller Conquest variant will be focused on infantry and hectic close-quarters combat. We will face enemy squads while trying to capture and hold three flags. We will win the round if we manage to exhaust the tickets of the enemies.

Battlefield 2042: The Annihilators limited-time event date, rewards and details

The available maps will be Puerto Arica, Rupture, Caspian Border, Waste, Renewal and Stranded.

During the event, the number of players who will be able to participate in the Tactical Conquest mode of the Annihilators event will change in Battlefield 2042:

● Week 1: 8 vs. 8

● Week 2: 16 vs. 16

What are the rewards of The Annihilators of Battlefield 2042?

You can earn chevrons in Tactical Conquest to unlock unique rewards during the event:

  • 10 gallons: epic game tile background “The Shield”
  • 30 gallons: epic “Kinetic Caliber” weapon skin for the AM40
  • 60 gallons: Epic Specialist Set “Wrecking Crew” for Dozer
  • 100 gallons: Legendary “Trojan Horse” vehicle skin for the M1A5

During the event we will also be able to get a login reward and a free themed headgear and weapon skin in the Shop.

Source: EA press release

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