The best day to see the Draconid meteor shower this October

The best day to see the Draconid meteor shower this October

The rain of the Draconids is the shortest of all that occur throughout the year: it only lasts four days. In this 2022 it began on Thursday, October 6, and will last until Monday 10. In the northern hemisphere it is where they can be seen and the best time to do it will be Saturday 8.

This year, this shower of stars coincides with the full moon, which will occur on the 9th at 10:24 p.m. Spanish peninsular time and is known as the Hunter’s Moon, which will make it difficult to see the stars as the sky is more illuminated by the full moon. The radiant of this shower of stars, that is, the point from which most meteors originate, located in the constellation of Draco, will be visible in a northerly direction from dusk until shortly after midnight.

They are known as Draconids because their origin is in the constellation of Draco (or Dragon). They take place because during the translational movement of the Earth, the planet passes through a ring of fragments of a comet: 21P/Giacobini-Zinner. About 20 meteors can be seen for every hour, approximately, moving at 20 kilometers per second.

As with any meteorological phenomenon, in order to enjoy this meteor shower in all its splendor, it is best to get away from urban centers and enjoy the sky in areas that guarantee a quiet space without artificial lighting.

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