The European Union asks video game companies how important Call of Duty is

Being such an important movement within the video game industry, Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard has to pass the time. competition control from various markets and countries. Although there are some that have already given their approval, such as Brazil, others are still investigating the effects that the purchase of this company may have. The European Union is one of the agents that is trying to find out what implications the takeover will have in its market, and for this it is directly asking other video game companies.

This same week we learned that Sony met with the European Union to discuss this issue and show their concern about the acquisition. Now the Reuters agency has published a note in which it ensures that the European agency that regulates competition has sent out a questionnaire to multiple video game companies in which they ask about the possible effects of the purchase in the video game sector of our continent.

100 questions about the implications of the Activision purchase

This questionnaire will consist of about 100 questions and it will have been sent to video game developers, publishers and distributors in Europe, which will have until October 10 to respond. The issues will be related to market competition and monopoly: According to Reuters, they ask questions such as whether the acquisition of Activision Blizzard would give Microsoft an operational advantage over its rivals, whether user data could benefit the Xbox company or about the importance of Call of Duty in consoles, subscription services and cloud gaming technology.

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The sending of these questions comes shortly after Microsoft itself submitted the request for an investigation of the acquisition to the European Union. Now the corresponding entity You have until November 8 to decide if you give the go-ahead to the purchase or if, on the contrary, it opts to move on to a second phase of more exhaustive investigation, as the United Kingdom did.

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