The Ford Mustang family meets in full in Madrid

    Not so long ago, before the current generation of the Ford Mustang arrived, which is now coming to an end and which will give way to the newly released 2024 Mustang, coming across one of these Pony Cars on Spanish roads was like coming across a mythological animal. Now the Mustang family, already more than established in Europe with great success, has not stopped growing, with more conventional or performance coupé and convertible versions with the new Mach 1 and the entry into the electric world and crossover with the Mach-Ea car that precisely more and more is seen on our streets.

    Now all these models have met at a meeting in Madrid in which Ford Spain has given a closer look at its current Mustang familymore complete and diverse than ever.

    ford mustang family in madrid

    Fordcar and driver

    Convertible to the Californian, radical coupe or performance electric?

    A family whose most recent novelty is the new Ford Mustang California Special, a special version of the usual Mustang Convertible -there is no fastback version- with its iconic 5.0 Coyote V8 engine, here with 450 hp and 529 Nm of maximum torque. Although what really makes this version “Special” are a series of exclusive details like its honeycomb-shaped front grille, inspired by that of the original model, in gloss black and accompanied by new GT/CS badging in red, a larger front splitter, lower side stripes in black, red and gray, or 19-inch alloy wheels with a five-spoke design painted in Carbon Gray. A model designed to enjoy the open sky collection and that by the way we will soon show you in an in-depth test.

    On the other hand at the top of the classic V8 family is the recent “black leg” of the group, the Mustang Mach 1. A true beast for circuits with a more radical set-up and 10 extra CV to reach 460 CV and 529 Nm of maximum torque, not forgetting an electronically controlled adjustable Magna Ride suspension or powerful Brembo brakes.

    The Mustang family is completed with the electric Mustang Mach-E, with a complete range with different powers and autonomies ranging from 269 hp and 440 km of the Standard Range RWD, through 600 km of the Extended Range RWD until reaching the top represented by the Mustang Mach-E GT and its 487 hp and 490 km of autonomy. A true electric beast capable of crushing you against the seat with its 860 Nm of maximum torque and a 0 to 100 km7h in 3.7 seconds that we already discovered in our video test.

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    Thus, with the presence of the new Mach-E and its entire range, opening the Mustang seal to new customers and helping Ford on its path to electrification, as we already know, we will also be able to enjoy another generation of the usual Mustang with its glorious engine. V8, which in turn will also offer different engines and versions, even in the racing world with up to 6 different models for the circuit that will participate in different competition disciplines to continue expanding the Mustang label.

    ford mustang family in madrid

    Fordcar and driver

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