Splatter Zombiecalypse Now

An unmissable top-down shooter game

Untold Tales and DreamWorlds have released Splatter Zombiecalypse Now on Nintendo Switch. splatter it’s a first-person fever dream where you can shoot adaptive enemies until they’re reduced to a jelly-like blob of neon colors. We will lose ourselves in a psychological environment built by four administrators to house high levels of violence; a surreal scenario but, at the same time, familiar.

Embark on a zombie-slaying rampage with an absolute arsenal of upgradeable weapons and refurbished vehicles as your tools for the kill. Enjoy a film noir-inspired single-player campaign along with additional wave and survival modes that can be played solo or in up to 4-player local co-op.

We will defeat hordes of creatures that they will learn with each of our victories. Weapons will be our tools and our own ingenuity, so we will shoot enemies with finger guns, drink cans of energy drink in abundance and keep our sanity.

Main features:

  • Challenging fights against all kinds of zombies and monsters.
  • Film noir single player campaign complete with dialogue and cut-scenes
  • Unique bosses, vehicles, and a variety of side quests.
  • Light and shadow add tactical layers to battles.
  • Destructible physics-based environments and upgradable weapons that gain new abilities and features with each level.
  • Arcade game modes with online leaderboards pit you against your friends’ scores.
  • Local multiplayer for up to 4 players
  • Last but not least: lots and lots of action.

Splatter Zombiecalypse Now is now available on Nintendo Switch as a digital download. The game will cost €7.99 normally, but it launches at a 37% discount, making it €4.99.

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