The six best smartphones of 2022 (so far)

It has been an intense year. With the gradual return to normality, technology companies have gradually returned to holding events that manage to push their products, at least in terms of marketing and impact on social networks. There is more daring and, incidentally, brands that were not very present in the market have begun to generate traction.

For example, the Chinese companies that recently landed in our country, such as Oppo, RealMe and OnePlus, which further expands the possibilities and variety of purchases. At the same time, it must be recognized, they can also drown the consumer when choosing a new device: the number of options becomes disconcerting.

But as Fernando Alarcón said, that’s what we’re here for: to help with the complex task of choosing a smartphone new. The following list highlights the best mobile phones launched during 2022. There are high ranges, design, cameras, battery, chargers, storage and other new features.

The dedication that Samsung gives to its teams is second to none: they are not the global sales leaders for nothing. The S22 Ultra isn’t just a great top of the line: it’s straight up the best in its range, taking the crown for best smartphone so far this year for us.

Its construction, performance and screen, the small details in its design and in the user experience, in addition to its specifications, make this phone the best option available on the market, regardless of the use or the applications that you want to run.

The glasses and the software photography are also very good, especially for taking pictures in low light. But it also has the great little detail, inherited from the late Note series, of its pencil stylus (or S Pen), which gives it a multiplicity of possibilities of use, beyond “taking notes”. Let’s add that it has the battery with the highest capacity within this range (5,000 mAh) to round off a device that, ok, can be a bit bulky for some hands, but is capable of performing any operation optimally. A luxury.

The Chinese brand, sponsor of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, finally made the long-awaited leap to the high-end: after launching good models, but strictly based on the confines of the mid-range, they presented a really outstanding model this year.

The X80 has many remarkable things, from its design (its finish is really luxurious) to its specifications, with a large screen, fast charging, very good battery performance and even a much faster and wider ultrasonic biometric sensor than the competition. .

But where the smartphone really stands out, by far, is in the photographic section designed in conjunction with the German brand Zeiss. It is true that the rear module, where the photographic lenses go, is somewhat bulky for the standard, but at the same time it houses the best photographic system we have seen —and perhaps we will see— this year. We are talking about a 50 MP main lens, plus a 48 MP wide angle and an 8 MP telephoto lens.

All have a glass lens and complementary support of the proprietary V1+ chip, which increases color clarity and brightness. In addition, it has a 50 mm gimbal leveling system, which prevents photos and videos from blurring, even if the user is in motion. Added to his very good software With artificial intelligence, spectacular results are obtained in low-light environments or to perform focus effects such as bokeh. In general, a surprise and a candidate for one of the best devices of the year.

Honor, the Chinese brand that became big after its independence from Huawei, has slowly been adding interesting gadgets and wearables to your portfolio. Its folding models are yet to arrive, but in the meantime we have the very interesting Honor 70, a smartphone that moves in the waters of the upper-middle range, with a very good balance of price, battery, camera and specifications.

Where the Honor 70 stands out the most is in its unique design, which makes it stand out around the backs of a cell phone. In general, except for color details, it is difficult for the back to stand out, despite the fact that it is the area that allows us to identify the model that the user has in his hand (unless, of course, it is with a case).

Using one here would be sacrilege, as the 70 has two independent circular modules for its cameras, but the shiny “platinum glass” finish, which features diagonal lines between each other, makes the back stand out strongly among lights, shadows and shapes. of diamond Added to the screen themes, which somehow match the design, make this phone the most beautiful and elegant currently available.

Until now, Samsung is the only brand that has dared to stand out and push its line of folding models that are increasingly successful and liked by consumers. Although there are others out there, in the Chilean market Samsung runs, these days, absolutely alone in this category.

Be it the cute little Galaxy Z Flip4 or the Galaxy X Fold4 —my favorite—, which opens like a book to unfold a screen that practically transforms the phone into a small tablet, the versatility and possibilities of use are a step forward in customization , just as years ago it happened with the “clam phones”.

The difference here is that it is the screen itself that folds or opens. There are not many innovations compared to the previous generation -the 3-, but the improvements make them a couple of super phones, big -and only- winners in this category. proud smartphonesbut we would love to see more competition in this section.

The smallest of the iPhone family had a long-awaited renovation this year, so it remains firmly the most convenient of Apple’s phones when it comes to entry-level models. The price is still far and well above other Android models, which can cost three times less, but we are talking about an iPhone, with all the features that have made this brand one of the favorites worldwide.

This year’s iPhone SE is small but performer. The new A15 bionic chip guarantees impeccable performance, even if the battery is somewhat lacking. Its compact size makes it a charming model, capable of doing everything its older brothers do but in a lightweight format that fits in any pocket. Everything works quickly, whether it’s video games, Internet services, streaming or run any application. A charming phone, especially for those who do not like giant screens.

a thing is a smartphone that, given its capabilities, is capable of correctly running a video game. For that to happen, it requires some processing power, lots of memory, a good and large screen -hopefully the highest possible resolution-, that has a good refresh rate and, in general, with good performance. Something that almost every mid/high-end cell phone can meet.

But another thing is that the phone is directly aimed at an audience that loves video games. In that sense, the POCO F4 GT —from the sub-brand of the Chinese giant Xiaomi—, has no competition.

Not only does it have a good section of specifications, which precisely guarantee great performance and that any title can run calmly, regardless of its technical requirements, without heating up like a forge. They also highlight its design and certain unique features that make it stand out from the rest, such as its distinguishable rear. But the great auction is the pair of magnetic buttons or triggers located on the side of the model, which allows you to customize the button mapping so as not to depend only on touch on the screen. Powerful, original and the only one really with a heart gamer inside.

*The prices of the products in this article are current as of October 7, 2022. Values ​​and their availability may change.


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