The Steam Deck is now available without reservation – News

The Steam Deck is now available without reservation - News

Sales of Steam Deck were a resounding success for Valve, which did not expect to sell so many machines in such a short time. This is why production capacities have been increased to meet demand that does not seem to be weakening, and, above all, to finally eliminate waiting times before receiving the machine. The three different models are available for purchase today with a delivery time of “only” between one and two weeks, depending on the location of the world.

And good news for only 90 dollars more (99€ with us), it is now possible to buy the docking station official Steam Deck. Similar to the Nintendo Switch dock, it is a base that multiplies the connections and allows you to play as everyone does with portable machines: like a good sedentary screwed into the sofa in the living room. This 11.7cm x 2.9cm x 5.05cm dock has a DisplayPort 1.4 socket, an HDMI 2.0 port, three USB-A 3.1 ports and an ethernet port. All delivered with the same charger as the Steam Deck. The delivery time is also one to two weeks.

Valve tested the machine on many TVs and screens, and only noticed one bug with a few LG machines. A fix is ​​already in the works.

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