This is how Mortal Kombat summed up its three decades

If we can say that there was a title that changed the history of fighting video gamesthat is none other than Mortal Kombatthe tournament in which beings from another planet confront representatives of the earth with the intention of dominating (the former) and defending themselves from the attack (the latter).

The October 8, 1992 The first title debuted on arcade machines and from then on it has only been adding and adding followers mainly due to two factors: his story and the bloody fighting. This was the first time we saw how a finish could take out the loser’s head with his spine and all.

But beyond what has been the cause of a new rating (R or NC-17) product of the violence of the fights, the title knew how to stand out for proposing something never seen before starting with a dedicated work of characters in which they even used real people to create them virtually and ending by imposing words that have already joined the pop culture of the language such as fatalityfor instance.

And despite the fact that over thirty years some game can be considered lower than another (even some forgettable) the truth is there is practically no one who considers himself a gamer who does not know Mortal Kombat or at least has ever heard of it. And that is an achievement.

The power of the saga is so powerful that they even had the luxury of making a long hiatus of ten years without releaseshighlighting that they knew how to stop when the brand seemed exhausted and above all praising how they were able to return with everything after that time and launch what for many have been the best MK games in the world.

Obviously the brand knew how to grow towards other markets and along with the typical merchandising accessories, came a first movie now cult and then another with less glory, as well as animated series and movies that added more components to this story that continues to grow and has no time to end.

Because of course, after the unexpected success for many of the latest Mortal Kombat movie distributed by Warner Bros., which incidentally has been the only one to be able to bring the bloody fatalities from the video game to the big screen, It didn’t take that long for a sequel to be confirmed that we bet will go big again.

And Mortal Kombat 12? We know that it will come at some point and its creators have said so and Ed Boon just confirmed it in interview with P.S.Blogbut there is no date for that yet, although we are clear that it will be sooner rather than later when a new deadly tournament seeks to decide the fate of the Earth.

Meanwhile, we can enjoy this short but emotional video that summarizes the three decades of Mortal Kombatwhich has been transformed into a fighting video game franchise, perhaps the most successful on the planet in this field.

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