This is how Overwatch 2 looks compared on Switch, PS4 and PS5

This is how Overwatch 2 looks compared on Switch, PS4 and PS5

Overwatch 2 is now available and, since it is one of the most anticipated big releases of the month, it already has its corresponding graphic comparison at the hands of youtuber The Bit Analyst. Thanks to this video we can check the technical differences between the versions of Switch, PS4 and PS5three of the platforms on which the new Blizzard game has been released (it’s also available for free on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC).

According to the author of the comparison, the gaming experience of Overwatch 2 does not change substantially between platforms: Obviously the Switch port has “cuts in all the settings” and “many decorative elements” have been removed, explains El Analista de Bits, but it is not something that affects the gameplay and in fact it does not seem to be decisive in its visual section either. In addition, in aspects such as the loading times we see quite a lot of parity between platforms. Under these lines you can see the video of the comparison.

Resolution and fps rate Overwatch 2 on each platform

On the other hand, the comparison also puts the focus on the PS5 graphic modeswhich allow us to choose between prioritizing resolution or frame rate, as well as a Balanced mode that gives greater stability in the fluidity of the game. this version next-gen also has SSR reflexessomething that we will not find if we play Overwatch 2 on PS4 or Switch. It is also noted that the frame rate of the hybrid is lower, 30 fps, so it could be a disadvantage in competitive modes. Below you can see resolutions and rate frames per second of each version:

Switch (13.10GB)

  • Dock: 1600x900p/30fps
  • Portable: 1280x720p/30fps

PS5 (23.60GB)

  • resolution mode: 2160p/60fps
  • Balanced mode: 1440p/60fps
  • Performance mode: 1260p/120fps

PS4 (23.04GB)

  • 1080p/60fps
  • Overwatch 2 has reached all platforms this week with a new model free-to-play that gives free access to anyone who wants to download it. It’s has caused large queues in the new Blizzard game, which has also suffered DDoS attacks in its premiere. It is not the only controversy that has had in its debut, since in addition the company had implemented a system of registration via phone numbers which the community has complained about until it has been withdrawn.

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