This is the power supply that each RTX 4090 model needs

After the extensive article that we launched two weeks ago on the controversy of power supplies, the 12VHPWR connector and the RTX 4090, today it is time to review their models, because the requirements of the manufacturers are, at the very least, also controversial. It is really impressive how what an AIB asks for the same chip can vary so much between each other, so let’s find out what power supply needs each main model of RTX 4090.

If the RTX 3090 Ti already asked for something serious to be powered, the RTX 4090 is not going to go any worse, especially if we take into account that its consumption limit by NVIDIA is set at 600 watts, almost nothing. For this reason, and depending on the limitations that each manufacturer has placed on its model, it is convenient to be clear about what we need in terms of PSU to avoid problems.

What font do I need for my RTX 4090 model?

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 8K

It is the big question, because if we listen to NVIDIA and seen the 4 x 8 pin splitter that the RTX 4090 already brings in its Founders Ediiton version, the 850 watts that the greens demand are far behind what other manufacturers ask for.

But then, how to get it right if I’m looking at several different models and I can’t decide on one? Well, you can’t really get it right if you don’t go to a premium power supply with a few watts outside the common norm, for example, with 1,500W. It is the solution to any problem with these graphics cards, the one with which you will never fail, but you will have to scratch your pocket very, very hard.

As is not usual, here we leave you the main RTX 4090 models and their power supply needs:

Model TBP declared by the manufacturer Source recommended by the manufacturer
Zotac RTX 4090 AMP Extreme, Trinity 450 watts 1,000 watts
PNY RTX 4090 Verto Epic-X 450 watts 850 watts
Inno3D RTX 4090 X3 OC iChill Black Not specified (possibly 450 watts) 850 watts
Gainward RTX 4090 Phantom GS Not specified Not specified
Palit RTX 4090 GameRock OC 450 watts 1,200 watts
Colorfull RTX 4090 (They don’t distinguish between models, they look the same on PCB and TBP) Not specified Not specified
GALAX RTX 4090, ST and Serious Gaming ranges Not specified 850 watts
MSI RTX 4090 Suprim X and its entire range Not specified 850 watts
GIGABYTE AORUS RTX 4090 Master Not specified 1,000 watts
ASUS RTX 4090 ROG STRIX OC Not specified 1,000 watts

As we can see, some requirements are not even specified, probably because many models have frequencies much higher than those set by NVIDIA and until the moment they reach the market, none wants to reveal their cards. But, is there really such a difference in consumption between models as to vary by 350 watts?

Why do manufacturers give such disparate numbers for the same AD102 chip?


The chip is the same in all cases, the AD102 without being complete. The frequencies will vary, but should not go beyond 100MHz -150MHz maximum and this is no justification to go to values ​​of 1,000 or 1,200 watts. The explanation is on the other hand and it is nothing more than covering one’s back against possible problems due to a poor choice of components.

Believe it or not, the average or novice user is not capable of configuring a list of products suitable for consumption and energy requirements that are truly realistic. Manufacturers have in some cases calculated the worst possible scenario and in others they have simply followed NVIDIA’s specifications, so nothing could be blamed on them in the event of problems with the PC’s power supply in general.

Those who have been far-sighted have given high values ​​aware of the consumption that is coming in CPUs and motherboards. Taking into account the 600 watts BIOS limitation of the RTX 4090the more than 300 watts that some CPUs can consume, and with that alone we are in 900 total watts little by little that we press the GPU, so it really makes a lot of sense to do according to what recommendations, because there will always be the user who pushes his components to the limit of their cooling and does not realize the real consumption and the demand that the PSU is having.

Therefore, going long in watts and quality with a power supply is going to be more crucial than ever seeing everything we are seeing, if you decide on an RTX 4090. Here “skimping on expenses” will make your PC finish with the passage of time as the first Jurassic Park: a problem without a solution.

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