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This week has been full of news about Xbox Series X and PS5, because both companies have released their embargoes and both the specialized press, influencers and even stores have already begun to show some things.

Something very curious happened to the latter, which is related to PS5 and its cooling system, although, we already know from several reviews, this console will not suffer the same fate as Playstation 4, since its cooling is better thought out and reaches temperatures of 50°C at full power, which is quite cold for hardware.

However, this great piece of hardware needs an open and ventilated space so that you can use your system without problems, something that it seems that the well-known Best Buy store forgot, since according to photos of some fans, they have placed the console inside a plastic box without ventilation.

This, as you can imagine, is to prevent people from touching the merchandise or stealing it, something normal for a product that is not cheap at all, however, as you may have noticed, this jail of polymer chains does not leave much room to breathe to the console.

And also these test PS5s are plugged into 4K TVs, so the console is fully operational and obviously this generates quite a bit of heat, and it didn’t take long for someone to catch one of these overheated, which won’t immediately shut down the console, If not, it will throw a message like the following:

“Your PS5 is too hot.
Turn off your PS5, and wait until the temperature drops.“

We doubt this was on purpose, it’s probably part of the company’s protocol to protect these units in that type of box, however, it’s funny that this kind of thing happens so close to the official launch of the console.

Playstation 5 the next Sony console will be released on November 12 in selected regions and on November 19 worldwide.

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