to unlock all the items of Kiriko by not paying it takes five years -

As free-to-play, Overwatch 2 unlocks all objects cosmetics simply by playing, this is true, but to have all those of a single character like Kirikothe latest added to the game, it takes a full five years.

Unlocking all of Kiriko's items takes a long time

Unlocking all of Kiriko’s items takes a long time

As you know, Overwatch 2 ditched the premium model with reward crates from the first episode, going free-to-play with battle pass, paid cosmetic items and wild grinding.

Some players in the Overwatch subreddit have been delighted to do the calculations on the time it takes to unlock all the items of Kiriko, the new hero of Overwatch 2. Nothing too complex. In fact, 60 coins can be obtained for free every week. Purchasing all of Kiriko’s items costs 15,600 coins. Doing a simple division gives you the figure of 260 weeks to have it all, which is almost five full years.

A single skin 1,900 plus coins require four months of continuous play to unlock. In fact it is practically impossible to unlock all the cosmetic items in the game without paying, partly because it literally takes decades and partly because it is certain that more will be added over time.

The result is that if you play Overwatch 2 until 2027, barring changes to the game’s economy and focusing only on Kiriko, you will get five skins, three emotes, five weapon charms, two victory poses, nine beats, ten sprays and two highlights intro. Also, to have it all, you will need to have streamed Overwatch 2 for 11 hours, in order to get the Legendary Sukajan Kiriko skin, the Donut charm and the Razor Sharp spray.

Of course it is fair to say that you are under no obligation to have cosmetic items and that you can also play with skins and other basic items. The fact remains that talking about unlockable items even while playing is misleading.

Blizzard is no stranger to adopting problematic monetization systems. It is enough to see that of Diablo Immortal to realize this.

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