VLIVE Will Shut Down Before The End Of The Year Soompi

A page turns.

The VLIVE platform will disappear definitively in the coming months.

It was HYBE that took over the platform that allows many idols to meet their fans live.

But VLIVE would not be profitable enough, and that is why the platform will close in 2022.

Indeed, it has been announced that HYBE is ending the service, which means that VLIVE will officially shut down before the end of the year.

According to information given by VLIVE customer service, the platform will completely disappear, and the artists’ videos will be deleted.

The artists present on Weverse will be able to transfer their lives, but the others will simply lose all the lives made on their channels.

You may have already noticed that no more subtitles were offered on the platform since the beginning of September, which was finally a sign of the end of VLIVE.

For artists who are not on Weverse, we will therefore have to find a new platform to communicate with fans. Those present on UNIVERSE could simply turn to this platform, as for the others, several options are possible, such as YouTube Live.

Hoping that the end of VLIVE does not erect a wall between artists and fans, because it was a real means of exchange and a serious communication tool to allow artists and fans to to regain.

The exact date of VLIVE’s discontinuation has yet to be announced.

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